Separate Lectures for Sale

The Ultimate Figure Drawing Course is for those who wish to learn to draw the human figure well. The course offers almost 20 hours of detailed recorded lectures showing the drawing process in real time.

The Beginners to Intermediates course available is suitable not only for beginners and beginners with no previous experience but seasoned illustrators also found the practical approach to teaching very useful.

You can purchase a single or only a few lectures if you wish, however the pricing favours the Course as a sigle purchase as it represents a complete take on beginners figure drawing, guiding the student through the whole of the human body. The separate lectures often recall material discussed in the earlier episodes and so it is useful to have them all available.

If you are unsure whether the course is for you, please watch the sped up previews available for each lecture as well as the free videos under the "free stuff" tab.

The Figure Drawing Course that students can attend in person is part of a wider Figurative Sculpture Course. Ideally you would attend in person and have the online course to refer to when needed. The content is identical in both. Have a look at the students "before and after the course" drawings. The progress they show in just 8 three hour sessions of figure drawing is staggering. You can also find detailed information on the rest of the Sculpture Course.

The blog on this website serves as a meeting platform where further knowledge and experience can be shared. This is also the space I'll be posting further free videos. If you have any questions at all, email me.

Happy Drawing!

Robert Stollar

Lecture 01 – The Rib Cage
(1hour 32 minutes runtime)


Lecture 02 – The Pelvis
(1hour 33 minutes runtime)


Lecture 03 – The Upper Leg
(1hour 35 minutes runtime)


Lecture 04 – The Knee
(1hour 14 minutes runtime)


Lecture 05 – The Lower Leg
(1hour 09 minutes runtime)


Lecture 06 – The Foot
(1hour 32 minutes runtime)


Lecture 07 – The Shoulder
(1hour 04 minutes runtime)


Lecture 08 – The Upper Arm
(1hour 35 minutes runtime)


Lecture 09 – The Lower Arm
(1hour 46 minutes runtime)


Lecture 10 – The Hand
(1hour 16 minutes runtime)


Lecture 11 – The Neck
(1hour 21 minutes runtime)


Lecture 12 – The Skull
(1hour 33 minutes runtime)


Lecture 13 – Facial Features
(1hour 05 minutes runtime)




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