A Drawing A Day 0845

The following is a black chalk drawing on toned Fabriano Accademia paper,
50 x 70cm

Progress Shot 16

Before I could do anything on the right hand side figure, the one on the left hijacked my attention. The way the yesterday’s drawing ended up was good. However looking at it today I realised the two figures (middle and left) are in a differently lit space. They are both ok on their own, but don’t belong on the same paper in terms of light. And so I did some corrections, the majority of which take place right in the middle of the body of the left figure. Probably the easiest explanation will be using the pectoralis major. The left side of the chest, starting from the left arm has a rising tendency which means it would catch more reflected light than the side dropping towards some of it’s insertion points at the sternum. This falling part of the muscle is still hidden from the main light source but now it is also turned away from the reflected light. Now across the sternum, the right side of the chest has again a rising pectoralis major upon which the reflected light nicely falls and at its peak the main source of light and the reflected light meet. This is the place of the largest contrast. And then the falling pectoralis on the far right is fully lit by the main light source and has a few highlights. Again, depending on how exact we wish to be, this basic set up could have even more details. After all the falling part of the pectoralis muscle on the left side of the chest approaching sternum, turned away from the reflected light is dark, however it lies directly across the sternum from the fairly lit (by reflected light) right side of the chest. The rising pectoralis. Now this would pass on some of its light onto the dark bit on the left. ;–))

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