A Drawing A Day 0861

The following is a graphite drawing on paper,
42 x 30cm

Progress Shot 03

So, here’s the first state of trying to capture the light on the left figure. I am drawing a traditional lighting setup, single dominant light source coming from the upper left and a single reflected light coming from the bottom right. In this state I am trying to establish a kind of a mid–light. By which I mean it is a fairly diffused light (like on an overcast day), apart form a few exceptions around the neck and creases and cast shadows where two surfaces touch (the lower arm resting on the abdomen) there are no hard edges where the light meets the dark. So it is kind of soft without defined character. The advantage of establishing this mid–light in my experience is that it gives me choices. I can easily remove some of the darks if I choose to or increase highlights from this point on. And if I want to go for a more harsh, stark light, I just need to push the contrast value of the meeting place of the light and dark to get there. So, as I said, in my experience it is a safe first stage in developing light.

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