A Drawing A Day 1081

The Deposition, Part 1

A sculptor mentor of mine (Rasto Trizma) suggested some time ago I should consider crossing over from just making studies (studying) to actually start making artwork. To his suggestion, of course, I replied:
“But I do not know enough yet. There’s still too much to learn.”
He looked at me and said:
“In that case, you will never start. There will always be something you haven’t learnt yet. You know enough, start and if you come across something you don’t know, you’ll learn it in the process of making the piece.”

So in several upcoming posts I will document my approach to making a drawing I have designed from imagination. At certain points along the way I used a model to work out anatomical details. I will mark those drawings. I spent on average 2 – 3 hrs per day (7 days a week) for the last 6 weeks on preparatory studies and the drawing itself. It is not done yet, but it seems to me, by the time I will have published the related drawings it will be complete.

Quite a few years ago I made a few pen and ink drawings without a model where a kind of a Pieta emerged. I kept the drawing, even though I did not return to the religious theme until just now. I used this drawing as an inspiration for the current piece.

Drawing 1 & 2, Pen and Ink, 25 x 18cm

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