A Drawing A Day 1086

The Deposition, Part 6

Here I moved the crucified figure further up (up the missing cross – I don’t think I want to be literal – so no cross, but let’s see how it pans out), drew the arms higher, changed the position of the legs – bending them the other way – keeping their sweeping position as if still touching the ground, but now as I brought the figure higher up I am allowing space for another figure to hold the legs. I quite like the kneeling figure being out of balance trying to hold up the crucified man’s legs. There is a nice distribution of weight flowing through from the bottom to the top, quite satisfying rhythm of the arms holding the legs. Feels quite believable – as if someone seeing the crucified man just ran up, threw himself kneeling on the ground to catch the sagging body and trying to hold it up until someone else releases the arms so the body can be lowered. Would be good to keep it this interplay.

Drawing 7, Black Chalk, 42 x 30cm

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