A Drawing A Day 1087

The Deposition, Part 7

Ok, so I am trying to clarify the pose here, I have redrawn it larger to allow more detail. I am keeping the sagging head – on the right I am working out how far could the head slump, trying to see under what angle would the face be seen from the front. This leads to another urgent thought of deciding on the angle of the view – on the viewer’s position. Hmmmm…. I might have to loose the face altogether. Clarified the position of the arms a bit further, added a bit of anatomy – although I do not want to spend time on details until I have worked out the composition of the figures. Tempting though.
The other thing I did here, I moved the crucified body further over to give it a sense of being pushed upwards. So the pelvis goes up and the rib cage is allowed to sink deeper to point out the body hanging off of the arms.
The body supporting the legs from below, I am afraid, had lost a bit of the spontaneous energy of improvising the lift. So little is enough to change the expression.
Also, the sweeping position of the crucified man’s legs are not logical, but I keep hanging onto them. There’s something about them I like. Might have to add another figure to use the position of those feet. Would be logical, two men would be better suited to hold up a body. Hmmm…yet another possible direction.

Drawing 8, Black Chalk, 60 x 42cm

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