A Drawing A Day 1095

The Deposition, Part 15
Perhaps it was for the best not positioning the model exactly in the pose required, as it gave me a need to come up with a different composition. The left figure is now kneeling / crouching which freed up some space for the right hand side figure. This one now has enough space for movement so it doesn’t have to stand all the way upright. Working with the interlocking of the limbs. Suddenly it seems there are too many even without the crucified man’s right leg. Also need to bring the legs further over the right hand man’s shoulder. They almost need to sit.
Disregarding the inaccuracies and anatomical blunders, I think the left hand figure is headed in the right direction. I need to work out the right hand man’s grip on the legs though. I like the right arm wrapped around the thighs, it’s the left one that needs a thought. And I need to reshuffle his feet. Hmmm…

Drawing 16, Silverpoint and Red Chalk, 42 x 30cm

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