A Drawing A Day 1097

The Deposition, Part 17
Ok, now we’re talking. So I really like the progression of the pose from left to right. The right arm wrap remains a constant, but I swap the legs in the middle drawing and that gets rid of the dance move, the body sits on the shoulder, the arm wrap is lowered – true, the figure is very rigid / static, but it is a great stepping stone to the figure on the right. Two things happened. One, the left arm is raised and the grip to hold up the crucified man’s legs dramatically improves. Second, the pose shifts its centre of gravity and is almost pushing forward, which, considering the weight handled would be the case, since on the other side of this limp body is another man doing something very similar, so they kind of help each other pushing towards each other and up. Also like the mid step of the right hand side figure. It’s no dance, but it has the element of searching for stability. Now we’re getting somewhere.
Out of sheer excitement I quickly sketch my own hand resting on my thigh at the bottom of the sheet.

Drawing 18, Black Chalk, 42 x 30cm

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