A Drawing A Day 1102

The Deposition, Part 22
Invariably I am drawn to focus more on the body of the crucified man than on the two figures supporting him. He was a bit neglected while working out the lower two poses. I really like the position of the two hands of the crucified man. A palms up palms down variation. I do not know why is it working for me and I am sure I could come up with some intellectual justification of the connection between heaven and earth, an “as above, so below”, but that’s not how it came about. It just worked instinctive level from the get go. There was an early variation in Part 4 ( BTW I love the play of the shoulders on that one ) and then from Part 6 it remained unchanged. I feel there will also be a play with the foregound / background blending / standing out of this body.
As the composition starts to settle I am really noticing the anatomical shortcomings and do the three arm studies looking at my own arms in a mirror. We have all been there and know how much attention so needed for the drawing itself goes out the window as cramps set in holding the pose. But…better than nothing. Time to make an appointment with the model. Woohoo!

Drawing 23, Silverpoint and Red Chalk, 60 x 42cm

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