A Drawing A Day 1103

The Deposition, Part 23
Model time! Now, here are two studies of the crucified man’s left leg. There a few problems here. Since I did not ask the model to climb a cross, he had to stand on his right leg. So, I will still have to make up the position and rotation of the pelvis and the only relatively usable parts of these studies are parts of the left leg and perhaps some of the folds created by crossing the leg as it pushes on both the external oblique and rectus abdominis. There’s also quite a difference in how the sartorius practically disappears as the leg is pushed further over. The second problem is, the lower leg is not in the same position as it will be in the drawing (and I could have put it there!!!), so, again, the groove of the fasciae latae and the bulging of the quadriceps will have to be somewhat invented. Mr Richer, here I come…

Drawing 24, Silverpoint and Red Chalk, 42 x 30cm

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