A Drawing A Day 1109

The Deposition, Part 29
Now all the stops are removed and patience is used in a different manner. I no longer need to curb the desire to add more detail at will. In fact, once a basic block-in is done I like to choose at will which parts of the drawing I develop and which can wait. I suppose it may have something to do with a degree to which I can hold the whole image in my mind while working on a particular area. Then after some time I have to check whether I can still see the correct values. If I remain for a long time in one place, the values will start to average, the darks will start to appear not dark enough, the lights not light enough. For me, that is a good warning to shift attention to a different part of the drawing. Otherwise I run the risk of overdoing the values ā€“ that darks become too dark and the lights too light and it all goes to pieces.
Also, I changed the right hand side man’s head ā€“ I think it is in a better proportion now, and his left arm ā€“ there was a bit of a problem where his biceps becomes a tendon at the bottom.

Drawing 30, Silverpoint and Red Chalk on prepared paper, 63 x 48cm

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