A Drawing A Day 1110

The Deposition, Part 30
As I work my way across the crucified man’s body from right to left, I also include the background immediately behind the body. Now this is a bit tricky, because I do not want to flatten the image by rendering the immediate space behind the man as a drop shadow. What I want is to make the space behind and around him to be part of him. Let’s see if I can manage that.
I have done a basic value layout for the right hand side man’s right forearm and did a bit more work on his head and facial expression. I constantly feel I should have done more preparatory drawings. But…where do you draw the line?
Oh, and finally, I was able to take a better photo of the drawing, so the blue tone looks almost correct. ;–))

Drawing 31, Silverpoint and Red Chalk on prepared paper, 63 x 48cm

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