A Drawing A Day 1134

Sketching in the wild. Capturing unsuspecting civilians at a vegetable market. The good thing about this exercise is that I (usually) have only one, maybe two chances to look at a pose before the person moves. So I really have to remember the essentials, the large masses and their spatial relationships and the for the rest draw on my previous experience and anatomical knowledge to fill in the blanks.
For example, the person in the upper left corner is a salesperson who just had a little break in the stream of customers. I am looking down on the scene from the first floor, so I can see behind the counter. This person sat on a high stool so only the tips of his toes were touching the ground. Now he was dressed so all of the muscle details on his legs come from my anatomy knowledge. I could not do the the arms as he jumped up and did something else.

Ball Point Pen on Fabriano sketchbook paper, 10 x 15cm

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