A Drawing A Day 1136

Progress Shot 01

Ok, starting a new one today. A challenging pose, where I cannot utilise our automatic anatomical knowledge. We all have it incredibly ingrained in our subconscious. Were you ever meeting someone after a long time and they were coming down the street in the distance? You recognised them immediately even though you did not see their face, they were wearing unfamiliar clothes and yet, you knew immediately. How come? Well, because you knew their body language, they way they walked, how they held their bodies. We all have an inherent knowledge of what an average human body supposed to look like and then we remember individual body language traits and they don’t go away. It’s like, when you look at a realistic drawing of a body and you don’t like it. Or, I should say, you know there’s something off. You don’t know what, but you just don’t like it. What an artist does, is, he / she makes the inherent subconscious knowledge conscious through the study of anatomy, body mechanics, psychology of expression and works with it. This conscious knowledge then becomes a tool in the tool box.
But in this case, since the body is upside down, the auto pilot knowledge of anatomy is thrown, so this time I will have to work for my money. ;–)) Nice challenge.
I start with the silverpoint drawing.

Silverpoint, Black and White chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 55 x 38cm

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