A Drawing A Day 1140

Progress Shot 05

Again adding more value details, but also, equally importantly refining the shapes of these values. Often you can see that at the beginning of a drawing, usually within the first 3 progress shots, apart from refining the line work and establishing the value map I also fairly crudely indicate the shape of these planes of value. I haven’t done so in this drawing, but the reason for doing it is to establish these shapes that will be further refined. Ideally this would be done with an indication of how wide or narrow is the value range at a specific point of plane change. That means, as the value describes the changing topography of the body, the value range will give us the information whether the change in topography is sudden or gently undulating. If the change is sudden, the range will be very narrow and the change of the planes from facing the light to being turned away from light will happen fast and within a short distance.
In the drawing below, I am indicating such a narrow value range (and a sudden change in the direction the body curves) around her right knee, where the quadriceps group joins into a common tendon which is then in turn attached to the patella, as well as the left (medial) side of the vastus medialis (part of the quadriceps group). A similar change is happening where her right breast is meeting the sternum in the middle of her chest. The gravity forces her breast to flow downwards and it nearly folds onto itself there the fleshy fibres are attached to the sternum and it cannot slide any further.

Silverpoint, Black and White chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 55 x 38cm

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