A Drawing A Day 1141

Progress Shot 06

Ok, so now that I have established a basic value map, I start pushing the values to see how dark they should get. I still only work with silverpoint, but not sure if I can get it to go far (dark) enough. How far is enough? Well, that depends on the person making the drawing. This choice can as often as not be purely emotional or aesthetical rather than a result of planning and thinking. So there are no recipes, unless you have a specific final effect in mind. Then, of course, you kind of reverse engineer the process. It will dictate your choice of drawing tools, paper, the tone of the paper, the light….so on and so on.
For this particular drawing I have no final desired effect in mind, so I am kind of working it out along the way. I am making this one for visual pleasure.
But getting back to pushing the values, for the time being I am sticking to the silverpoint as I really like the soft, creamy look it creates.

Silverpoint, Black and White chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 55 x 38cm

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