A Drawing A day 1143

Progress Shot 08

Adding more details across the board, from shape and plane to value and light. One thing that keeps happening as the drawing progresses, is, that it kind of takes on a life of it’s own. It magically transforms in front of your eyes and becomes much more than just a copy of what you are looking at. Suddenly qualities of the object of observation not readily apparent come forward and….well….there’s no other word I can think of….it becomes alive.
Now things that support this complex character will become the centre of my attention. And the refinement of the details will support these characteristics. The first example that comes to my mind is her left breast. The change from yesterday to today may not be easily spotted, but if I flick between the two progress shots, her left breast stops floating and takes on the weight dictated by the pose. Adjusting her hair puts her head on the ground….quite mesmerising.

Silverpoint, Black and White chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 55 x 38cm

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