A Drawing A Day 1146

Progress Shot 11

Another overall pass of both black and white chalks. Then using the drop shadow along her left leg as a sample of the darkest dark, I started to push the whites on her lower legs and knees. I quite like the highlight it created on the tibia of her left lower leg.
It is extremely easy to overdo the whites, so, instead of continuing down her legs I turn to the blacks and do some work mainly on the top of her head and along the left side of the body, where the planes turned away from light meet the planes with reflected light. I am finding it quite fascinating how I have lost those darks along the left side of her left thigh. The logic would dictate it should be of the same or very very close intensity as the darks along her trunk…..and ….yet….hmmmm. I have those next to her left knee continuing up her lower leg, but not on her thigh. So there’s the question. Should I just add them because the logic suggests it? For the time being the way it is now works for me. Let’s see how it pans out when I add more white chalk.
And another thing. Now that I am increasing the intensity of both the whites and blacks, the whole of the body needs to conform. Otherwise I run the risk of loosing unity. And so there’s a significant increase in blacks in the fold where her right thigh meets the trunk, on the drop shadows of her nipples, as well as next to her left breast in the area of her left armpit. If you look at the previous version, the armpit area was a lot more subdued. Now it has more blacks and more whites. The light hitting her seems more harsh.

Silverpoint, Black and White chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 55 x 38cm

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