A Drawing A Day 1159

Progress Shot 09

Another construction change on her (from her point of view )left shoulder blade. But more importantly averaging of values. I use this term to describe the process by which I dampen the effect of too narrow a value range. If it is too narrow, then the difference between the light and shadow is large. You can picture this as drawing a body lit by a strong spot light. The light parts are almost white and the dark parts are almost black with a very short transition from light to dark. Yesterday’s version was heading that way. If you compare that and this progress shot, you can see how I brought the darks and lights closer together lengthening the change from one to the other. I use the word averaging. The lights are less bright and the darks are less dark. Now, with all that said, this move also allowed me to increase the darks on her shoulder where the light meets the dark without looking weird. Well, actually, now that I try to put all this to words, what I did was to change the intensity of the light source. ;–))

Silverpoint and Red Chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 38 x 55cm

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