A Drawing A Day 1160

Progress Shot 10

Extending the shading and refining the intensity of the values. These two go hand in hand as the image constantly changes with each new area started. Drawing is a constant stream of comparative evaluation. Which means the only way we can make a conscious decision about a line, its position, direction or intensity is to constantly comparing it to other lines. Only in the relationship with the other lines can it be determined. The same, of course applies to proportions, values, light…..all of it.
So when you look at the model, you are comparing parts of it to other parts to make a decision about what goes where and how. Then you start making your drawing, but….and this is one of the few tricky parts….you are building up the image gradually. And so the relationships on your paper will be different to those on the model. Then you have to compare the two sets of information (the model and your drawing) and make choices about how to get what’s on the paper to either to what you see on the model, or to where you want to go in terms of expression.
And so, when I increase the contrast of light meeting the dark on her shoulder (or the range of the values), the whole drawing changes and needs to be adjusted accordingly. And so that is what I am doing here. ;–))
And just to drive the point home, when there’s this much to deal with, you really don’t want to have on your hands the correction of construction blunders too.

Silverpoint and Red Chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 38 x 55cm

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