A Drawing A Day 1164

Progress Shot 14

Continuing in refining the existing values. Also, this is the high time to decide the focal point of the drawing. Where the contrast is the largest between the light and dark, that’s where your eye will be drawn to. At present the shoulder lost the attraction in favour of the face. Right now, the first place you look is her face, then equally at the space below her neck and her shoulder. It is important not to have two equally attractive places to look at in the drawing as they will fight for attention and you will not know where to look. The drawing will fall apart. In the same way, if you make the drawing exactly the same in contrast all over, it will flatten the drawing and you’ll loose the three dimensionality effect. Think about where you want the viewer to look, lead their gaze to what you want to show. ;–))

Silverpoint and Red Chalk on prepared Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 38 x 55cm

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