A Drawing A Day 1168

Progress Shot 01

There’s just one thing I’d like to add after my comments from yesterday. Yes, I was quite happy with the result….and guess how long that satisfaction lasted? Mere hours. Today I can see so much more that needs doing on that drawing. Why?
This is something everyone needs to get used to if you intend to draw seriously. You will always be satisfied only for a very short time. See, the process of drawing makes you grow. And one of the benefits and / or side effects of that growth invariably is the ability to see more than before. This in turn brings about the desire to do better, which then delivers the growth. It is a never ending cycle that allows us to be happy only for a very limited time with the true reward being that of growing. So do not despair if your great drawing from yesterday is no longer that brilliant. You did not deceive yourself, you are not experiencing lack of self criticism…..quite the opposite. You are experiencing your very own evolution of sensitivities. ;–))
But, here’s a new start. The construction is slightly off in quite a few places, the line work does not convey the three dimensionality I was expecting. Hmmm…

Graphite on Canson Mi–Teintes paper, 55 x 38cm

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